Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Scale

I have gone back to working a full-time job. This is the first time I've been at a desk for 40 hours a week since last August. It's been a difficult transition. I woke up at 5am on Monday so I could get a workout in before leaving for work. I had a running training clinic that evening, so I was going non-stop for about 15 hours.

It isn't all bad though. I have stopped weighing myself every day. The main reason was because of a lack of time. I don't think I was obsessive about weighing in, but I wasn't casual about it either. It's probably for the best that I limit my visits to the scale to once a week, or less. Weight Watchers uses the weekly weigh-ins, which some people think is too frequent, but I think it's a good amount for me.

I will still use the scale, though. I will not abandon it completely. I am trying to increase my muscle mass and decrease my body fat, and the only way to monitor that accurately is with weight and other body measurements. There are people who have different health goals who have completely abandoned the scale.

The scale is a tool in the health arsenal. It is not a gauge of your worth. It only measures your weight. It doesn't measure your health. It is up to you how much weight you give to the scale. (I love bad puns, sorry.) If you think that you're letting the number on the scale hold too much power in your life, perhaps it's time to cut back on weigh-ins. Only you can answer that question, though.

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