Thursday, April 5, 2012


Even if you are training for a specific event, you're still training for yourself. I'm currently in pre-training for the marathon and half marathon. I am raising funds, running, and training with a charity group. Those are just motivating factors in training for me. I believe Joey Tribiani from "Friends" when he says, "there is no selfless good deed out there." That doesn't mean the acts aren't good, but they're not selfless.

My training isn't just to run 26.2 miles. My training is also to accomplish a goal. It's to overcome flat feet and injury and do something that most people never even consider. It's not just improving my physical health, either. Every step I take on my journey improves my confidence. I feel better in my skin than I ever have before, even though I weigh more than I have at points in the last decade.

Train for whatever event you choose, but train for yourself. Races will come and go, but you will still be here.

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