Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Day 40--Rest

I was really hoping for some weight loss today, but no such luck. I didn't gain much, but I can barely wait until my weight gets below 130. I understand when the Biggest Loser people are so excited to cross a plateau. I guess I should consider myself lucky that my plateau is already in a healthy range and not 300 or 400 pounds. This isn't the first time in my adult life that my weight has gotten too high for my comfort level. This is probably the fourth time that I've gone over 140, and some of those times it's gone over 150. I'm really hoping that this is the last time that I ever have to work to get it back below 130. As I've gotten older, the work needed to get below that mark has increased at a level that seems to be exponentially related to my age. The first time it happened, I was 21 years old and all it took was a slight tweak to my eating habits. It wasn't anything that could be called a diet, because it wasn't that big of a change. This time around it's been a year of changes to my eating habits and a ton more exercise and I'm still not there. This should be my motivation to keep it low once I finally get it down where it belongs.

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