Monday, February 15, 2010

Day 49--Confusion

I know that real exercise can be achieved with the Wii, yet I'm surprised when using the Wii leads to next day soreness. My guilt over the food on Saturday, led to extra cardio on Sunday. I did my regular workout as part of the 30 day challenge, then did the Wii Fit Island Cycling on Advanced. I gave up after finding 18 of 20 flags. That's better than last time when I gave up after 15, but I would really like to find them all. It took me about 47 minutes to find as many as I did, and I'm feeling it today. To "pedal" the bike, you step up and down. I don't move my whole foot to do this, though. I just move my heels up & down. That works out to 47 minutes of calf raises. My calves are mooing today. I also did 30 minutes of free step last night, but that is not where the soreness and stiffness are coming from. I'm hoping that the extra work did something for my weight in addition to the calf pain.

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