Saturday, February 13, 2010

Day 47--back at it

Thursday was a scheduled rest day and yesterday was bowling. (We went 6-1, and probably stayed tied for first place.) I started right back at it this morning, though. It turns out that I miss working out on the days when I can't get to it. Bowling may qualify as a sport, but it's not much of a workout. I did better at the fast kick-ups today. I had to run 2 "laps" of them, and that's way more than I can normally manage. If I'm just running, I can do 2 "laps" in about 90 seconds. It takes me much longer to finish them when I'm doing kick-ups. Part of that time is because I have to do slow kick-ups for at least half of the distance. Today, I managed to do the full distance at full speed. I was really winded after it, but I still managed to finish that and keep going with the rest of the work out. I may not be seeing a dramatic change in my total weight (I'm down to 131.2 pounds), or even my appearance, but I know that I'm getting stronger and building up my cardio limits. I really need to look into testing my heart rate and aerobic capacity so I can see the actual levels of improvement.

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