Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Day 50--correction

It's not the island cycling that's making my calves moo. It's running in place. I tend to only run with the front of my foot, and the increase in running caused my calves to tighten up. I used my whole hallway to run on EA Active today, so I think I can avoid the calf pain in the future. I enjoyed the running more when I was moving, too. It felt a lot more natural than running in place. I was shocked that running up & down the hallway didn't cause my dogs to chase me, though. They were helping me with my side lunges and other exercises earlier in my workout. They are not the kind of personal trainers who anyone would want to hire or to help them with a workout.

I have had my weight get stuck a couple of pounds heavier than it was last Friday. A friend of mine who uses Wii Fit wishes that when it asked about reasons for a weight gain, that it offered "I'm a girl" as an answer. I have to agree. I know I wasn't good on Saturday, but I wasn't 7000 calories bad. That's how bad I would have had to have been for that to be the reason for a 2 pound weight gain. The only other reason would be my that every time I weigh myself, my dogs are secretly pushing on the balance board with their paws. I find that unlikely, so I'm blaming chemicals that I can't control.

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