Saturday, February 6, 2010

Day 42--Weight

I didn't work out yesterday because of bowling. I really didn't feel like 30 minutes of really hard exercise at 10 when I got home. I did weigh in last night and found that I had gained .4 pounds because of the pizza. I even had leftover pizza for lunch on Friday, so I thought that I'd see the results of this diet transgression on the scale, but I didn't. I weigh less today than I did on Thursday before the pizza. This gives me hope for tomorrow. In case you're not a football fan, tomorrow is the Super Bowl. It's the biggest party day of the year, even for people who don't like football. Close to 100 million people watch the game every year. Most of us eat chips, dip, fried foods and other unhealthy things during the 4+ hours of activity. I don't plan on being saintly tomorrow, but now I know I can eat more than is ideal without needing to feel any guilt. I'm glad for that, because my brother is recreating the food stadium in the photo. He will be making some changes, and I will post a photo or two of his version Monday.

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