Sunday, February 21, 2010

Day 54--Measurements Take 3

I've been at this for 2 months. My first set of measurements were 12/20/2009. And, since my weight seems to be stuck, I thought I'd remeasure to see if that's been changing since the second set on 01/17/2010 I'm really hoping they've changed, because if my weight AND my measurements aren't moving, I'm going to feel really frustrated. Here goes....

Waist: 30 inches (I measured that twice to make sure I've really lost 2 inches. I have)
Hips: 38 inches (This hasn't moved in a month, which is ok, I guess.)

My waist to hip ratio is .789 I'm finally to the goal of .80 or lower for a low risk of heart disease.

I have 27% body fat. 35.9 Pounds of fat and 97.1Pounds of lean (muscle, bone, body water)

Upper chest: still 34
Under bust: 30.5
Thigh: 21 (same)
Calf: 13 (same)
Wrist: 6 (same)
Bicep: 11 (same)

Two months of work and I've managed to lose 3 1/2 pounds of fat and gain 1 pound of muscle. It's easier to monitor my weight and use that as a gauge of if my work is having any benefits, but it's clear that weight isn't the only way, or even the best way to monitor my progress.

I'm a little bit disappointed in the lack of change in the measurements. My weight isn't moving and that's not because I'm shifting from fat to muscle, which is what I was hoping for.


  1. Keep your head up high. It's harder to avweihght than it is to put it on. You have been good at keeping up with the workouts, maybe it's time to start adding additional workouts? Walking... jogging in the park. I have the Carmen Electra DVD's to add some additional cardio to my routine and they are quick and fun to do.

  2. I just have to add that I haven't started doing them yet lol. But I intend on doing them on my rest days, and weekends.

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