Monday, February 1, 2010

Day 38--Starting Over

Today, I began a new 30 Day Challenge. This time, I'm doing it on high intensity, rather than the low intensity of the challenge I just finished. I've been under the assumption that the levels were called low, medium and hard, but turns out that wasn't correct. It's really low, medium and high intensity. Today's workout was just about 30 minutes, instead of the14 minute workouts of the low intensity. I definitely broke a sweat and was winded several times during the workout. Three minutes of full-speed running with high kicks will do that to you. I also moved from 3-pound weights to 5-pound weights. I can already tell that I'm going to feel that difference in my triceps and my anterior deltoids. Those front shoulder raises made me want to cry. On a good note, my weight before working out was under 132 pounds. I didn't weigh in after working out, because I ran out of time and was exhausted. I'm really hoping that one week of working out on high intensity will help me cross the 130 mark once and for all.

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