Sunday, February 7, 2010

Day 43---Super Bowl

The head count for our party today is hovering around a dozen, so this weekend has involved a lot of prep work. (Kept typing prep as perp. That's not what I was doing today.) Even with all the prep work of cleaning, cooking, rearranging furniture to fit everyone with a decent view of the TV and fending off the puppies, I still managed to get my EA Active work-out in today. My weight is still right at 132 pounds, where it feels like it's stuck. I'm waiting for the point in this 30 day challenge when the upper body exercises with the 5 pound weights don't make me want to cry. I'm not anywhere near that point yet. I am weirdly at a point where I look forward to the running, though. I need to take that unexpected enjoyment of running and try the Wii Fit running, which I've never done. All of that exercise, plus the exercise of scrubbing the kitchen floors should give me enough of a calorie burn to off-set all the crap I'm prepared to eat and drink the rest of the day. Now, on to the game. Go Saints!!!

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