Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Day 15--Driving range

wii, wii fit, golf, driving rangeToday was a rest day on the 30 day challenge, so I did some Wii Fit Plus balance games after weighing in. One of the games that wasn't in the original Wii Fit is a driving range. It takes the shift in your balance while driving and uses it to determine where your shot will go. Lifting your head on the back-swing or failing to follow-through after hitting the ball causes the shot to go short or slice off. It's also a really good ab exercise. After every shot that I took and the muscles I could feel working, I wondered how John Daly manages to play golf when he's 5'11" and his weight has gone up to about 300 pounds. I can't imagine trying to drive the ball several hundred yards onto the green on Friday after doing it 18 times on Thursday.

There was good news on the weigh-in. I'm at 133 pounds. I will have to remind myself that slow & steady wins the race. Tomorrow is the final weigh-in of my company's "Holiday Weight Maintenance Challenge" The goal of the challenge was to avid weight-gain from 12/07/09-01/07/09. It looks like I've hit that goal and topped it by losing a couple of pounds, too.

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