Thursday, January 7, 2010

Day 16--abs

abs, EA Active, Wii, catI realized today that the 30 day challenge ignores ab work. Today it worked my upper and lower body, mainly focusing on my arms. If I hadn't done some of the Wii Fit Plus Yoga, I don't think I would have done anything to use my abs at all.

I was wrong about the work weigh-in, though. It's not until tomorrow. I still think I'll do fine, but really feel like I need to do something to push myself a little harder. My weight is almost exactly the same as it was yesterday. Tomorrow is also my bowling night, which is a little bit of non-Wii exercise. Very little, though. Anything that can be done well while drinking isn't much of an exercise or sport.


  1. Do you use EA Active with the Wii Fit Balance board? I don't have one, but I thought maybe if you had the board EA active would give you ab stuff. It looks like the 'plus' version might have some. Either way, I am just hoping to get more fit.

  2. I do have the balance board, but the only ab work that EA active gives me are some standing crunches/knee lifts. They don't do much, and don't use the board at all. Luckily, Fit Plus has many ab exercises available for me.