Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Every once in a while, I get down on the fact that I'm on the dark side of my 30s and just starting my athletic "career." I wish I had learned to love running when I was a child and had maintained that love, rather than discovering it at 35. I read how some groups already consider me a master runner because of my age when I'm clearly a novice runner because of my ability and history. Then, there are times when I read about someone older than me doing something way more impressive than me and I realize that I'm not old at all.

Today's story was about Janet Evans trying to return to the US Olympic swimming team at the age of 40. She won't be the first woman to attempt to make the Olympic team after the age of 40, but she has missed the last 3 Olympic games. The last time she competed at this level was in 1996 at the Atlanta games. This is a huge effort for her. If she can get to the point that she qualifies for the trials, she is working very, very hard. I know that I can get out there and compete with amateurs.

The other woman to make the US Olympic swim team after age 40 is Dara Torres. In fact, she took three silver medals in the 2008 Beijing games. Torres is also attempting to make the 2012 team. She will be 45 when the Olympics take place this summer in London.

And then there's this lovely woman. If she can still groove like this, I can run and lift some weights.

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