Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Heart Attack

I have eaten foods that I called a "Heart attack on a plate." I wish I could say that I always eat healthy, but sometimes a girl needs some tachos or Italian fries. These items should be special treats, though, not a regular part of anyone's diet.

We can occasionally handle some high-fat, high-salt and high-calorie food. However, if you do this too often, you are risking your health, as was recently shown at the "Heart Attack Grill" where a diner actually had a heart attack. The nurse, what they call waitresses, told the doctor (owner) that the patient (diner) was having a heart attack. He survived, but this is a scary scenario.

The restaurant uses their unhealthfulness as their marketing idea. Not only do they have nurses and doctors instead of waitresses, chefs and owners, but they're cash only because "you might die before the check clears" If you weight over 350 pounds, your meal is free.

The 29 year old man in the above video died after suffering from the flu. That led to pneumonia and his death last March. He was 6'8" and 575 pounds. That put his BMI at 62, double that of the lightest obese person. Even at 287 pounds, he would have been obese. Ideally, he should have weighed 170-225 pounds. Luckily, the latest diner at this restaurant survived. I hope he changes his eating habits so he doesn't have another heart attack.

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