Friday, February 3, 2012

Nutrtitional Information

I ate breakfast at Einstein Brothers today. I bought one of their "light" menu items. Unfortunately, I was unable to find the details of the nutritional information on their site. I found it under menu, but not under nutrition. I really wish that all chain restaurants made this information more readily available to consumers. I would still eat at these restaurants on occasion, but would be a well-informed consumer.

Are they afraid that if I knew the truth I would avoid them and go to the Cosi across the street? If that's the fear, don't hide the information, make it better. Improve your ingredients to make your food more healthful and lower calorie. Subway is the only chain restaurant that prominently displays their nutritional information and that is because they are selling themselves on being healthier.

I wish all chain restaurants would follow the example of Subway and make being healthful as important as being cheap and easy. It would win them customers and would help out many people.

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