Saturday, February 11, 2012

Guest Blog Invite

I wrote a post for another blog last week. I really enjoyed the experience of writing for someone else. I also loved the idea of opening up a blog to a new perspective and a new voice. I have decided to do the same thing here. I had been debating the parameters of it, but decided to be less restrictive.

I am someone who has found she enjoys running and working out. I don't like yoga. I have been at a relatively healthy weight most of my life. Even when I've been at my heaviest, I was in the low end of the overweight range. I find that I am motivated to work out by competition with myself, and others.

Do you have a different fitness background than me? Have you struggled with your weight more? Did you achieve weight loss differently? What motivates you to work out? Are you underweight and struggle to gain?

If you're reading this and think you have an opinion on health, fitness, weight, weight loss and/or exercise that you'd like to share, let me know. Send me an email. Leave a comment on this post, or any post you want. I can't promise to post every guest blog, but I probably will.

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