Thursday, February 2, 2012

Is That All?

Everything in life is shaded by perspective. What each person experiences in their own life colors how they view things. What happened yesterday affects how you view today. If it was 10 degrees yesterday, 20 degrees today will seem warm in comparison. I was reminded of this phenomenon today when I looked at my fitness activity for the week.

I track on DailyMile and I was looking at the total time I had spent working out each week. I found myself thinking, "only 4 hours?" I quickly realized that I was being a bit ridiculous and that 4 hours is a great amount of time to spend on exercise in 4 days. I also realized that I was being really hard on myself and not giving me the pat on the back I deserved. I worked out for 4 hours this week!!!!

I don't think I'm alone in viewing my own accomplishments with less enthusiasm than they deserve. I know many people who will diminish their accomplishments when given a compliment instead of just saying. "Thank you."

Being proud of what you've done does not make you arrogant, cocky or a jerk. If you're set out to do something and reached your goal, be proud. Celebrate your accomplishment. Pat yourself on the back. Reward yourself. Encourage yourself to set bigger goals that can lead to bigger celebrations.

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