Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Master Runners

This sounds like people who have mastered the art of running. You may think that all Olympians would be classified this way, but most of them are too young. Master Runners are runners over the age of 40. I guess this is supposed to sound better than Old Runners or Slow Runners.

I just started running two summers ago at the age of 35, so I don't want to be a Master Runner in a few years. I still feel like a total newbie and no where near MASTER. I am trying to get better every day and want to still be running years from now.

According to National Masters News, the only magazine for Master Runners, I already am a Master Runner. They set the line at age 30.

I feel very old now. I will go out for a run to feel better about myself. And to feel younger than the 100 year old in the photo.

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