Friday, February 17, 2012

Eeew. Seriously. So Gross.

I know this is really an ad about saving money on car insurance, but it's just as much an ad for a healthful diet. I am not suggesting you hire "The Plastics" to follow you around and critique your diet. I'm suggesting that you find your inner teenage girl. Before you order food at a restaurant, or buy it at the grocery store, think of if it's something that you should be eating. Is it something that will taste good and offer you nutrition and satiation for longer than 30 minutes? Is it something that you'll regret eating after it's fully consumed?

I don't want anyone to switch to a diet consisting solely of lettuce and celery, but the high fat, high calorie foods should be enjoyed in moderation. And they should be savored. Don't eat something that is high fat, high calorie and high chemical that doesn't taste amazing. If a food item is going to take up a large portion of your daily calorie limit, it should be worth it. Don't waste it on a crappy burger or some other food that is basically tasteless and gets wolfed down quickly.

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