Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Studies have shown that sitting is bad for you. The more you sit, you higher the likelihood of cardiovascular disease. Some of this can be offset with physical activity, but not all of it. If you have a desk job, your health is being hurt just by working. If you want to see some scary graphics about sitting, check here.

You can help yourself my making sure you get up every hour and move. Every time you can, walk around the office instead of sitting. This has to make a world of difference.

Some people have taken to using standing desks. This will take some time to adapt, but will eliminate the negatives of sitting all day long. I have sat on a yoga/stability ball at my desk, too. It forced my body to be engaged, rather than being passive in the activity all day long.

If you have a very active office with money to spare, perhaps you can convince your boss to get an elliptical machine desk, treadmill desk or some other fitness themed desk. Until then, try to make do with what you have and sit less.

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