Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Gym Bodies

A Google image search of this will lead to images of oiled body builders and people using cardio equipment. You also get this great image of Jamie Lee Curtis from the movie "Perfect" I can't believe I found a way to write about her two days in a row!

Unfortunately, trying to find images of overweight people working out only turns up insulting images. How are people who have become overweight supposed to take that message? It's almost as if they're being told that you can't go to the gym until you're thin.

The same message is being sent when trying to find workout clothing for plus-sized women. They don't sell it in the women's section of the store and it's hard to even find an XL in anything but the men's section. Maybe it's ok for men to be overweight and exercise, but not women? Or, the women are overweight, so they may as well dress in shapeless men's clothing? Either way, it's not an encouraging message.

Jorden Bench's tweet made me think about this. He said, "Don't judge overweight people in the gym. They are there to make a change. Help them and embrace them!" He's right. Instead of looking down on them, be impressed that they overcame all of the obstacles to getting to the gym, both mental and physical, and admire them.

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