Tuesday, February 14, 2012


This is a topic that most people won't discuss in public. Unless they're Jamie Lee Curtis and are selling Activia. When asked about her job as spokesperson for a product that serves a purpose of which no one can speak, Curtis said, "Digestive problems are important and surprisingly common but we don't discuss them. Whereas we routinely talk about other uncomfortable topics, such as erectile dysfunction, digestive health is not being addressed- and it's time to change that. I am not afraid to talk about bowel issues - there I said it - and I'm very committed to help people find solutions, like a balanced diet and Activia. It is rewarding to be the ice breaker who speaks openly about digestive health and irregularity, and make it easier for people to find a solution."

I agree with her stand on the issue. We do tend to avoid talking about issues that make us even slightly uncomfortable. The only reason erectile dysfunction is talked about is because of the billions of dollars being made off of treatment. Plus, it's 'sexy.' Not directly, but it's a topic that is within the realm of sex, so it's less taboo than poo. I also love Jamie Lee Curtis. "A Fish Called Wanda" is one of my all-time favorite movies.

Ok, now back to Activia. It contains a bacterium (probiotic) that if eaten at least three times a day, may help with regularity. A 4-pack of Activia is around $3, but a giant container of instant oats are about $5. It is much, much cheaper to eat oats as a source of fiber to keep you regular. Plus, probiotics only help with digestion, and fiber has health benefits throughout the human body. On top of that, the ingredients of Activia are a little more complicated and chemical than the container of oats.

I'm a huge fan of fiber. I think it is one of the key items you should look for on food labels. It helps keep you satisfied, which prevents overeating. It's very healthy and keeps you regular so you feel healthy. I am also frugal, and can't see spending $3 on a product that does what $.25 of oats can do.

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