Thursday, January 12, 2012

Anti-soda ads

The NY City Health Department is waging a war against super-sized sodas. I know that I've complained about the "small" size at fast-food restaurants in the past. All I want with my meal is a can or less. I find it impossible to get that size fountain drink from most places. Granted, I rarely eat at fast-food burger places, so they may offer them. I usually eat at Subway or a similar sandwich place which has healthier fare, and I still find it hard to get a truly small soda.

Health Commissioner Thomas Farley said the ads are needed to warn consumers about the massive portions they are eating and drinking.

“The portion sizes that are marketed are often much more than humans need,” said Farley. “We are warning people about the risks of super-size portions so they can make more informed choices about what they eat.”


In addition to the poster shown here, they are offering packets of information on living a healthier life.

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