Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Hot Yoga

I saw this open letter posted on a few of my Facebook friends walls. It speaks to me, even thought I'm not a fat girl. I am a very inflexible and rhythmless person who avoids classes because of embarrassment. She makes some great points about why we should all get out and enjoy these yoga classes more.

They seem so at peace with their physicalness, living inside bodies that look like loops of strong ribbon. Meanwhile, I am at war. I am at war with my body.

At the start? Every time? I set my intention and it is this: For the next 75 minutes, don’t look around, don’t compare, don’t list all the ways you are not good enough to be here, and don’t hate yourself. Just Breathe. Just Breathe. Just Breathe. Just be in your body and remember how good a place it is to be, really.


I don't think I'm alone in feeling like her. I don't think that war is something that only fat girls feel. Hopefully we can all overcome it.

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