Saturday, January 28, 2012

Race Training Errors

Earlier this week, the International Association of Women Runners (IAWR) held a free teleconference called "How to Correct 7 Common Training Errors Committed by Marathoners and Half-Marathoners" It was hosted by Bennett Cohen, the founder of the group.

I listened to the entire call and here's what I took away from it.

"Running is a chance for you to become a hero in your own life." Kathrine Switzer

He seems to indicate that shortness is somehow nonathletic. I don't know if he actually meant it that way, but that's how it sounded to me, a short woman.

Error 1: Too few rest days. Can hit a PR with 3 days running 1-2 days cross training. More than that can eliminate the repair your body needs to get stronger.

Error 2: Quantity over quality. Tempo, interval, race pace and hills should all be part of your training. Don't just keep running long runs.

Error 3: Running long every weekend. There should be a week or two of shorter runs in between the long runs.

Error 4: Failure to include goal pace runs during the long runs. Hard to hit a pace in the race that you've never reached in training.

Error 5: Lack of running specific strength training. Wall squats, bridges, planks and side leg lifts should all be part of your cross-training.

Error 6: Failure to taper properly leading into a race. It can take four weeks from your longest run to fully recover for the actual marathon.

Error 7: Lack of mental preparation. 26.2 is as hard mentally as physically. Practice visualization. Practice eliminating self-doubt and negative thoughts.

The IAWR has individual training programs that take into account age, injury issues and other items that can affect training and racing. They can review and adjust during the training program.


All of these errors are eliminated when you follow the T2 training program. If you're thinking of running a marathon or a half marathon, you should join Team Twitter.

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