Thursday, January 26, 2012

Easy calorie burns

time, excuse, exerciseOne of the most common excuses for not exercising is time. There are plenty of ways to add some movement to your life, without having to set aside hours at a time.

Park at the far end of parking lots. This will probably save you time and frustration, because you won't be driving endlessly looking for a great spot.

Carry your purchases from the store to your car, instead of taking the cart with you. This will add some muscle work to your shopping, carrying, walking

Use a hand basket instead of a cart, if it's possible. It adds muscle work while you're shopping. It also makes you more aware of what you're buying because you have limited space for the items.

Leave the car parked. Is your errand only a few blocks away? Walk or bike there. It won't take much more time, but it will make you feel better.

Avoid the escalator and take the stairs. It takes the same amount of time, possibly less time and is good for you.

If the escalator is the only option, walk up it anyway. This will give you some of the benefit of taking the stairs.stairs, walking

Avoid the elevator. In Chicago office buildings, this isn't possible because the stairs are locked and you have to use the elevator. If that isn't the case in your office building, try the stairs.

Take the long way around. If there are two routes to a common destination at home or work, take the longer one. It may add a few seconds, but those extra steps add up.exercise publicly

Do calf raises when you're stuck standing. Waiting for the bus, train or elevator? Why not do this barely noticeable exercise with that spare time? You can do calf raises on the train, too. Don't be this guy, though.

Do knee raises at your desk or while stuck in that boring meeting. It will burn a few calories, tone your legs and give you something to think about instead of your coworker's brown nosing.
posture, desk, sit up straight
Sit up straight. Remind yourself to make sure you're not slouching at your desk or while watching TV at home. It takes a little bit more energy and strength to hold your body up straight and will improve your posture. You may need to raise up your monitor to do this comfortably. I used books at my job to get sufficient height.

These are just a few suggestions to build fitness into your life without having to reschedule everything. You can take these ideas and expand them to fit your life. If you can burn an extra 100 calories a day, you can lose 10 pounds in a year without thinking about it.exercise, life, time

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