Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Olympic Trials

The Summer Olympics are only a few months away and I am already super excited. I have always loved watching the track and field events. I also like the cycling, swimming, diving and most of the other events. I highly recommend that you go to that link and check out the full list. I forgot more than I remembered and now that I've seen the complete list, I'm even more excited.

Unfortunately, the games are 200 days away. Luckily, I don't have to wait until July to begin watching competition. The US Marathon trials are this Saturday and NBC will be showing them that afternoon. (Sadly, it conflicts with one of the NFL playoff games.) I heard a story on marathon running on NPR this weekend and most of Runner's World's current issue was about the trials. I now feel informed about the participants and won't be blindly watching random runners.

If you want to be inspired to run faster and farther, I highly recommend that you watch the trials. Based on NBC's coverage of similar events, you will be motivated to get out and run and you may be brought to tears more than once.

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