Wednesday, January 11, 2012


You'll see that I added a new name to my blog this week. I love how "Looks That Kell" plays off the idiom and my last name. That being said, I want to reiterate that I am not focused on looks. Yes, I want to have a hard body and have a six or eight pack, but that is not my main goal. My main goal for myself is to be as physically fit as I can so I can run more quickly and do daily tasks more easily.

I firmly believe that being more active leads to better health which makes daily like easier and more enjoyable. If you think about your average day, wouldn't being stronger with more cardio capacity make it easier? Could you get the groceries into the house in fewer trips? Could you catch that bus or train that is already at the stop when you get there? Could you dance the night away without becoming winded?

I'm not saying that we should ignore our desire to look good naked. I just want to make sure that's not the ultimate goal. Because many of the images we hold as ideal are airbrushed. Unless you have a way of walking around airbrushed all the time, you'll have to understand the limits of reality and appreciate the achievable results of physical fitness.

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