Friday, January 27, 2012

Running Form

Last night, I attended a Good Form Running clinic at Fleet Feet. I have been trying to be very careful with my form, but wanted to get more information and have my form looked at. It may feel good to me, but that's no guarantee that is is good. In fact, no one looks as good as they feel running. It's one of the things runners say.

I can't recommend the clinic enough. If you're a beginning runner, it will give you information you're never heard. If you've been running a while, it will show you how to improve and avoid injury. Injury prevention was my main reason for attending. I do not want to go through a season of training to sit out the event on crutches again.

The insights into running were really helpful, and I will be trying them out this afternoon. I don't want to play telephone with the information they provided. Please go to their site and read for yourself. If there is a clinic offered near you, please sign up. Seeing yourself run on camera is very helpful and not as horrific as you might think.

You don't want to be the person in this photo or any of the other people in the online images showing horrible running form. Sadly, many of the pictures of runners show bad form. That's including pictures in running and fitness magazines.
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UPDATE: I just finished my run. It was the exact 5K route I ran on Wednesday, only I ran each mile 29 seconds faster than I did a mere two days ago. It was faster than I've ever run this route and 15 seconds faster than my 5K last April. I can't wait until I have used the information for a longer time so it's more comfortable. I really think it will improve my speed a ton.

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