Sunday, January 15, 2012

NFL Play 60

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The NFL has created this movement to encourage children to be more active. This will hopefully fight the tide of increasing childhood obesity. They're using the power of celebrity to encourage kids to be more active. This is a great effort and I hope it helps gets kids to move more.

I applaud their efforts, but wish they went beyond children. I mainly wish they were pushing their fitness on their head coaches. I would rather see the outcome of a weight-loss challenge between Andy Reid and Rex Ryan than watch their teams play.

Andy Reid, NFL, Eagles, football
Rex Ryan, NFL, Jets, football

I think if they pushed their head coaches to be healthier, it would encourage their adult fans to be healthier, too. They could set up online activity challenges and pit fans of one team against fans of other teams. Ask people to do sit-ups and push-ups while watching the commercials. This keeps people in front of the TV, which makes advertisers happy, but may help the health of viewers. They could offer tickets to games for fans who log the most time being active during the season. This is just a small sample of the way the NFL could use their power to encourage people to be more active.

They could offer tips to help their fans look more like Clay Matthews:

Clay Matthews, Packers, football, NFL

or Hope Solo:

Hope Solo, soccer, world cup, dancing with the stars

Yes, I'm aware that's not the same football game, but wanted an athlete and she does play football.

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