Monday, January 23, 2012


For Christmas, I received a Bell bike trainer. It's one of the best gifts I have ever received. So far this year, I've used it for over five hours. That doesn't even count the two hours that I used it between Christmas and New Year's. Since I unpacked it, I have burned about 4,000 calories on the trainer while watching TV, reading and checking my twitter accounts. It has also improved my aerobic capacity during the winter when I usually see a drop in all of my physical fitness. I believe the reason I'm already running 5Ks at the same pace I ran last April is because of the time I've put in on the trainer. It makes me feel better on the days that I just can't get up the motivation to go outside and run. I know that I'm not losing a day of activity, I'm cross-training. I will continue to use the trainer over the next few months and will continue to run a 5K every week or so to see if my time improves, slows down or remains the same. I really hope that it helps it to improve, because that will give me a great workout option for days when I don't want to leave the house.

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