Saturday, January 21, 2012

Fast Food

When I was a kid, going to fast food restaurants was a treat. It was a rare occurrence and usually involved some kind of coupon. It was much cheaper for my mother to feed a family of four at home with meatloaf and tater tots than it was to take us all to Hardee's. My father wasn't worried about the cost as much as he was about the taste. He hated how crappy most fast food tasted. I was a kid, so my mom's reasons made more sense to me. I understood not having money, but couldn't understand how anyone could dislike fast food.

Once I became a teenager, I was able to buy my own fast food and the introduction of value meals seemed to coincide. A meal at McDonald's went from about $5 down to $3. I was a very active teenager, so I could indulge in all the fat and calories and not worry about gaining weight. Biking a few miles up and down hills every day will help you burn them off.

When I worked at Burger King, I would eat a Whopper with cheese and bacon, onion rings and a shake on the days I worked eight hours. The work of standing and running around was probably enough to burn that 2,000 calorie meal off, and I was still biking to work.

I'm now an adult, and rarely eat fast food. If I do, it's from a sandwich place like Subway, Potbelly or Jimmy John's. Part of that is because I don't eat meat, but even when I did, the taste and fat content of most fast food was not appealing. Even thinking about it right now kind of turns my stomach. I won't even get started on the idea of Burger King delivery.

I heard someone complain that they spent thousands of dollars with a personal trainer, but didn't see any results. Turns out, they didn't do any cardio on their own and continued to eat fast food for most of their meals. I said that to lose weight you should avoid fast food restaurants. That's a very simplistic way of looking at it, but for most people, that's doable and understandable. Unless you're willing to put in some research time to find out what items are low calorie and heart healthy, you should just avoid fast food burger joints.

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