Sunday, January 1, 2012

Tackling resolutions

I have already signed up with Team To End AIDS for the marathon and half marathon for this year. I really hope you can join me. If you want, you can join my fundraising team "Team Twitter" and I believe it allows us to pool funds if one member is short. (I'll check on that and update when I know for sure.) When signing up, please make sure to say that Rebecca Kell referred you, I believe that gets me a referral credit applied to my fundraising total.

I know that the actions I took this morning were just some clicks on a computer, but it made my resolutions more concrete and less nebulous. I already feel that I have started the training, rather than just working out randomly. Regardless of your fitness resolution(s), I highly recommend you make a start on them right away. You will feel that you're one step closer to your goals.

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