Thursday, January 26, 2012

Post-Workout bliss

I didn't want to work out today. I was feeling lazy and sluggish. I had overdone it on Monday and Tuesday and really noticed that on yesterday's run. I was coming up with a ton of other excuses, too. I finally stopped procrastinating and just did the workout. Part way through, I thought, "I'll stop at 20 minutes." Then, "I'll stop at 30." Eventually, it got to be the end of the workout and I had gone for 53 minutes.

Like every other time that I've debated not working out, and delayed it while I was procrastinating, I feel great now that I'm done. My muscles are a bit sore, but in that amazing, "I kicked some real butt" way. It's amazing to me how I still haven't figured out how much better I'll feel once I've accomplished the day's workout goal.

I know I've talked about inertia before, but it bears repeating because it's a really powerful force. You can make your fitness journey public, like I did. The fear of public failure motivates me to move when I'm not feeling it. You can also get a workout partner. You may debate with yourself about working out, but if you have an appointment, an obligation, to meet someone else, you're less likely to flake out on the activity. Look on facebook, meetup, RoadRunners, or on Google to find local groups. There are tons of running and walking groups out there. You can also join a charity training program like T2. If you don't find a group, start one. Hang a sign at the local coffee shop or any other bulletin board.

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