Monday, January 23, 2012


I am barely literate in rap music, but I can still appreciate when a rapper does something outside of the music industry to help others. Fat Joe has slimmed down to 360 pounds, from a high of 460. He is teaming up with Newark mayor Cory Booker to encourage kids to move more.

“I was just a kid myself, dealing with childhood obesity,” says Joseph (Fat Joe) Cartagena, who realized his oversized persona was killing him after six friends died prematurely from obesity-related illnesses since 2000. They included fellow NYC artist Big Pun, who had a fatal heart attack at 28.


This is part of a larger movement that is being pushed by Michelle Obama. I'm a bit jealous of these programs. I wish someone had modeled being active to me when I was a kid.

Update: Cory Booker has loaded videos of this event to Youtube.

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