Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Dinner Improvement

I love fried green tomatoes, but don't like the heavy oil and aioli that usually go along with them. I found some green tomatoes at the grocery store yesterday and then found a recipe that would work for me. They turned out beautifully. The coating was browned and crispy, but no oil was used at all. The only change made was replacing the bread crumbs with matzo crumbs. (That was what was available in my pantry.)

I also looked for a good recipe for tuna patties. I have loved the idea of tuna (or salmon) patties for years, but can never get them to stay together. Mine always end up being scrambled tuna, which is not very appealing. I found this recipe online and have made it twice with great success. My choice for bonding ingredient has been a 50/50 mix of corn meal and whole wheat flour. The key is to not cook them longer than 5-6 minutes, or you get hockey pucks. I love that they stay as patties, though.

For the aioli, I just used some low-fat mayonnaise. The kind with olive oil, not the chemically lowered fat versions. There was some salt, pepper, lemon juice and garlic juice. Nothing was measured, just to taste. That and some hot sauce made for a healthful and tasty meal.

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