Friday, March 9, 2012

Jamie Oliver

I've written about some celebrity chefs before. I've mentioned Paula Deen at least twice and talked about how some chefs have weight issues. I understand that they're around food constantly and that it may be difficult for them to maintain a healthy weight. I even understand that a celebrity chef compounds those issues with hectic travel and appearance schedules. A life like that may make it even harder to stay at a healthy weight.

Jamie Oliver was asked about his weight gain, and responded very defensively. He lashed out at the reporter and denied any knowledge of weight gain. His publicist went on to deny the weight gain. I think that denial is really hard to buy if you look at the before and after pictures.

Jamie's main claim to fame is his campaign to improve the food and health of everyone. Once you've set yourself up as the beacon of truth about these issues, your own weight is going to be noticed and reporters are being professional for asking about it. I wish someone would have asked him about his hypocrisy with his cook books. In 2011, his book was listed as one of the least healthy published. He's talking out of both sides of his mouth. He wants people do be healthy, but some of the tools he's providing will sabotage that effort.

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