Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Harry Potter

As a follow-up to my TV post from earlier, here is a Harry Potter work-out. I think that some of the classroom scenes could get you a really good, sweaty workout.

If there is a movie that you watch often, you could create your own viewing workout. Just figure out which exercises you want to include and link them to certain actions you know occur in that movie. Same for TV shows. You could do 10 push-ups every time they say "They killed Kenny" while watching "South Park" If you're looking for the cues to do the workout on a program you've never watched, look to see if it has a drinking game online and convert drinks to squats and crunches.


  1. It's funny, I do a similar thing, except it's a drinking game with Harry Potter. Anytime anyone says "Harry", "Harry Potter" or "Mr. Potter", you take a drink of beer. The first movie is killer!

  2. I think you could turn every drinking game associated with movie or TV viewing into a fitness game. Instead of drinking beer, you do a crunch. :)