Monday, March 26, 2012

Mental Health

Exercise will usually solve the same emotional issues that food will, and should be the "drug" of choice. If you're feeling stressed, confused or overwhelmed, a really hard work out or run can send you to a zen location and clear up the confusion. I love the ideas my mind finds after a good run. Unfortunately, there are times where that isn't possible. If you're nursing an injury, you might not be able to work out.

If a work out is impossible, not just inconvenient, I will advocate for food as substitute, because, if not abused horribly, it is much safer than alcohol, tobacco or drugs. I will fully admit to using food to treat sadness or anxiety. I have gotten much better about it, but it still happens sometimes. If I am feeling really bad, I will indulge, knowing that I'm creating a setback in my health and weight goals. There are times where those setbacks are worth it.

Please try to choose exercise, but if you do turn to food, do it mindfully. Realize why you did it and try to find healthier ways to deal with the emotion in the future. Don't berate yourself endlessly for indulging, but don't ignore it either.

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