Monday, March 19, 2012


Taking the garbage out today reminded me how happy I am to have muscles. The garbage was full, but not overly heavy. The outside of the bag was covered in coffee grounds, though. I didn't want to wipe it off, and I didn't want to get that on my clothes. I was able to hold the bag out far enough to keep it from being bumped or swinging into me as I walked down the two flights of stairs to the Dumpster.

When I got home tonight, I swept and mopped the apartment. It's not a huge apartment, but I did have to lug a mop bucket full of water around and push hard to clean up a few spills. This was all made easier because I'm stronger than I used to be.

I was able to handle these tasks easily because of lifting weights and building muscle. Not only does that make my arms look fierce, but it makes daily tasks easier. Carrying laundry, bringing groceries into the house, and cleaning are all normal activities that can be made easier through the addition of muscle.

And before any women worry that they'll get all huge, remember that you don't have enough testosterone to fuel huge muscles. For a woman to look like the picture below, she would either need to have androgen insensitivity syndrome, or use artificial means. Even with maximum effort, most women won't get more muscular than the woman directly above.

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