Thursday, March 1, 2012

Paula Deen

It turns out that Paula Deen is treating her diabetes with more seriousness that it first appeared a few months back when the announcement was made. She recently appeared at an event and was a few sizes smaller than in prior appearances. She says she's cut the amount she's eating and is walking regularly, something she wasn't doing before.

I am glad that she is taking her health seriously. I still find it distasteful that she's making money off of selling horribly unhealthful foods, though. At the same appearance, she served waffles, fried chicken, jambalaya, and mousse. I really wish she were adjusting her food to reflect her diagnosis.

Her son Bobby said, "I just try to show by example. I live my life, if that affects Mom in a personal way, that's great" He did present her with a pedometer for her daily walks. He is using his life as a runner to try to show her how to be healthier.

I understand that she's not our doctor or our mother, but she is a public figure and that changes her responsibility. It's the trade-off that people have to make when they're rich and famous. Every action is witnessed by many more people, and that's your true legacy. I hope she continues to improve her actions so her legacy isn't death-inducing food.

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